The first step toward parenthood begins on a Sunny Day

Sunny Day Surrogacy Consultants was created to help bring the joy of parenthood to those who never thought it possible. Created by individuals who have been in your shoes, we hope to offer an affordable path toward the dream of a family.

For many individuals and couples, starting a family is a dream that can be difficult to achieve. Sunny Day Surrogacy Consultants in Cyprus is dedicated to helping make that dream a reality. We understand the emotional journey that comes with family building, and we are here to provide a supportive and compassionate environment to guide you through the surrogacy process.

Our services provide an affordable and efficient alternative to American surrogacy programs, and we offer a solution that is both cost-effective and emotionally fulfilling. Our experienced team is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident throughout your surrogacy journey.

In Case You Still Have Questions

If embryos have already been created and frozen elsewhere, this programme offers embryo transfers to provided surrogates.

Surrogacy in Cyprus

Cyprus enjoys the perfect combination of a high concentration of world-class medical service providers and flexible legal guidance around surrogacy. Located south of the Anatolian Peninsula in the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is an island nation and a major medical tourism destination, boasting an advanced, high-income economy.

The country is divided by a boarder which splits the island into the Republic of Cyprus and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). TRNC surrogacy regulations allow for American-style commercial surrogacy, making family building possible for opposite-sex couples, same-sex couples, single intended parents and intended parents living with HIV.

Though Cyprus may be far from where you live, rest assured that the Sunny Day Surrogacy team is personally invested in your parenthood and will support you every step of the way.

Why work with Sunny Day Surrogacy?

A team you can trust

Sunny Day Surrogacy is unique in that it was founded by intended parents who went through their surrogacy journey in Cyprus. We have personal, first-hand experience as intended parents of international surrogacy in Cyprus specifically. We know what concerns, fears and scepticism you might experience better than anyone, and fundamentally understand how to address those concerns. We were exactly where you were, and we want to make your experience the best it can be.

World-class medical support. We have partnered with two of the best IVF clinics in Cyprus to offer best-in-class medical support throughout your journey. Please visit their websites for additional details.

Competitive guaranteed packages

We are a full-service agency offering competitive guaranteed programmes, ensuring that you will have a successful pregnancy within 2.5 years of signing on with us. However, we expect a successful pregnancy much before the 2.5 year mark with average total journey times closer to 18 months.

Strong communication with surrogate mothers, despite language differences

A good relationship between intended parents and surrogate mother is essential as it’s built on trust, empathy, and a shared goal of bringing a new life into this world. We encourage warm relationships between intended parents and surrogates and work to keep our intended parents well-informed and involved, despite separation by geography and language.


Detailed psychological and medical screening for surrogates

We want to be sure that we find the right woman to help carry your child. In order to do that, we use a rigorous set of medical tests to confirm that she is physically up to the task. Additionally, we conduct a psychological screening process, understanding who your surrogate is, why she wants to be a surrogate, and understanding her as wholistically as possible to ensure that the she will be able to cope with the emotional challenges that come with the responsibilities of being a surrogate mother.


At Sunny Day, we know that parenthood is the most precious gift of all, and we work tirelessly to help make that dream a reality for you. We are dedicated to being there every step of the way, providing unwavering support and guidance throughout your journey towards parenthood. With our commitment to education and guidance, we promise to lead and guide you through your surrogacy and egg donation journey with compassion and care.