Who We Are

Sunny Day Surrogacy was created by intended parents who experienced their surrogacy journey in Cyprus.

London residents David and Marcin dreamed of starting a family, but like many intended parents, they found the financial burden of American surrogacy too onerous and the timeline too unpredictable—initial discussions with American surrogacy organisations generally gave a 2 to 6 year timeframe for starting a family. After some research in several jurisdictions (specifically, the US, Canada, UK, Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine and Cyprus), surrogacy in Cyprus offered the best balance of medical expertise, flexibility of family planning, geographic proximity and cost.

Today, David and Marcin are the proud parents of three beautiful babies born via surrogacy in Cyprus. Using their personal experience with surrogacy abroad, they hope to bring the joy of being parents to those who thought it impossible.

Our Practice

We set out to create a surrogacy agency that provides guidance from the unique standpoint of being former intended parents.

Becoming parents was one of the happiest events of our lives. It was also one of the most challenging for a variety of reasons, one of them being a lack of transparency throughout the process as well as a poor understanding around the unique needs of LGBTQ+ intended parents.

We leverage our experience as intended parents along with the expertise exceptional medical facilities and flexible regulatory framework that Cyprus has to offer to bring a first-class experience for intended parents around the globe.




We hope to provide an affordable, ethical and transparent alternative to gestational surrogacy programmes in the US.

The United States has the most established surrogacy programmes in the world, and though they offer the best that the US can provide, the financial burden can be too much for many intended parents. At Sunny Day Surrogacy, we hope to bring the dream of parenthood within reach for many without sacrificing the professionalism and ethics.


Our Partnerships

Medical Partnerships

Sunny Day Surrogacy has partnered with two of the most well-respected IVF clinics in Cyrpus: Miracle IVF in Nicosia and Cyprus IVF in Famagusta. Between these two clinics, they have achieved thousands of successful births with an average success rate of 70% after just 1 embryo transfer attempt. Their expertise and professionalism is second to none. Rest assured that you that you are in safe hands.

Legal Cooperation

Our in-house legal expert has worked with a variety of surrogacy cases with involving intended parents from all over the world. With 10 years of experience in surrogacy cases and a heart of gold, Levent Kizilduman is the best legal guidance for you and your surrogacy journey.